Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabulous Etsy Finds

Just wanted to share some of the great finds I found on Etsy the other day.
If I could just go shopping, I would buy these.

This Hobo fabric bag by threadpoets
I love, love , love this bag.  And I am such a bag kind of lady. Not to be confused with a bag lady. :)
Anyway, I love the colors and the silk just draws me in.
I want to hold it. 

This beautiful Wave Bowl by ClayGalNaira
I would love this bowl for my front entryway.  The colors and shape would be so great if this was the first thing you saw coming into my house.

How cute is this for warm summer days?
I think this is the PERFECT dress for the Arizona summer.  And if this Crossfit does me right, I am seriously going to buy it.  It must be mine.

You know I love me some Dave Matthews Band
Let's just throw it out there right now.  I love the Dave Matthews Band.
My husband always is using this quote from one of their songs so this would be great to have.
Hmmm, Christmas present??

And for the boys new Lego room
by HomeWallDecor
Soon I will have a post about the boys room in our new house.  Every wall is painted a different lego color!
And I thought about having oversized legos come out of the wall, but these would be a lot easier to install.

What would you pick from this list and do you have something you have been eyeing?

If you haven't checked out Etsy....what are you waiting for?


Night Owl Mama said...

Super cute. I stopped by luv the dress and the purse what a cute outfit that would make

followin you would luv if you'd return the follow.

See ya then

Jen said...

I LOVE Dave Matthews Band, too! Kristy's pendant is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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