Sunday, August 1, 2010

Comment Moderation

The other day I was reading Jen's blog over at Jen's Ink Pen.  She posted a cute little story about blogging etiquette that I really think everyone should read. Click here to view the whole story. You will have to follow the links, but so worth it.

One of the great things that I got from it was comment moderation through e-mail.  I had only wanted the comment moderation because I didn't want to miss any comments, especially on the older posts. But with this tutorial, it is so easy to have the comments sent directly to your e-mail and then the comments post immediately.

So thanks you to all who participated in passing on this etiquette post.

Did you pick up any great tips or hints from this piece?


Stef said...

Thanks for the link to Jen's Ink Pen... cute story!

Already posted on the Rice Krispie post, but found you from [Life of Meg]'s Mingle Monday.


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