Thursday, August 26, 2010

AOR 3- Ramblings

Acts of Randomness 3

Well, It's that time again and this week I have decided to include a blog hop too.
Any takers?  Create your own Acts of Randomness with at least 5 different random thoughts.
I want to know what your thinking!  It really is a great therapy session. Instructions at bottom of page.

I am so overdue for a full blown rambling of life accumulations.  

The house is coming along nicely but I am seriously SICK of putting things away. 

I am the chairperson for the Masterpiece Art Program at my son's school.Lots of work but it really puts all the experience of years of teaching kids art (for next to nothing) to the test.

Sports and school are starting up again. Enough said. 

With the new house comes entertaining, which equals packing in the busy schedule even more. But we love our friends so well worth it. 

Just bought the full line of Swiffer products. Do those rock or what?? That company must seriously be run by a woman because that Swiffer vac is totally awesome on my tile floors.

I had the Malware thingy appear on my blog again. I had to ignore it because I was so busy and miraculously, it just went away. I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

Thing #1 is 6 and he is always coping an attitude now. What's up with that? What happened to my sweet little boy. I'm a little tired of the mind games.

Thing #2 is 4 and is being the sweetest thing EVER. Please let that last a little longer!

I keep waking up in the middle of the night with songs in my head. My brain hasn't heard them for hours then decides at 3am to throw a little dance party. Uhhh.

My mom decided to start a project of making a family cookbook and now wants me to help. Of course I will but, how does she always pick the worst times.

Thing 2 is learning Spanish in school and called me mamita.  As in, "Will you sleep with me mamita".  This child is whiter than white and got none of his Latin genes...well actually I guess he got a little. Anyway, it sent Thing #1 into hysterics and we all had a pleasant laugh before bed.

Ahhh, Acts of Randomness therapy session successful again.

How to jump on the random train:

1) Must be a Creative Flair follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the McLinky and click on the link to enter. 
Add a pic and your blog's name.  You can also add the McLinky to your site and use any info here you need.

3) Come back and let me know what craziness you found (actually just of the name of the blog will do). I could use some new blogs to read.

4) This bloghop will be open all weekend giving us all plenty of time to visit.


K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I linked to your page :) thanks for putting up a mclinky.


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