Friday, July 16, 2010

AOR- Schmoopie & Straight Penises

My acts of randomness will now be referred to as AOR.   It's my free therapy.
Bare with my while I ponder.

When you change your blogspot blog to a .com, all of your previous comments disappear. :(

Magnetic paint actually takes about 4 coats before things start sticking, instead of the 2-3 coats they say on the back of the can.  At $25 a quart, I would have just bought a big magnetic board for the boys room.

I just realized I missed my Wordless Wednesday post this week.  I really like doing that post.
That just confirms I have been way to busy moving.

The ONLY reason I am in front of the computer writing and not unpacking at this ungodly hour is that I am exhausted and need a break from the paintbrush and boxcutter.

I found the 90"s station on Sirius radio today in the other half's truck. And I liked it!

I actually was going to put hubby instead of other half.  Then I remembered that someone in their blog hates the word hubby and, really, I don't like it much either.  BUT, I'm having a hard time thinking of a really good word for him.  We sometimes will playfully call each other schmoopie.  You know, like the Seinfeld episode. It's really only to be a smartass, I don't ACTUALLY call him that.  But I thought that might be kinda funny for blog purposes too.

My youngest (4) asked why his penis gets so straight.  I had to pass on that one and told him to ask daddy because mommy doesn't have one of those.

Admit it, your only reading this because I named it Schmoopie & Straight Penises.

Oh great, now I have that song from Crash Test Dummies in my head.  You now it, it's the only one they ever had.
Mmm, Mmm,Mmm,Mmm, Mmm,Mmm,Mmm, Mmm

Now it will be in your head too...I'm evil like that.


K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I cracked up because penis is in my blog title too- yep, your title had me! and that cracks me up, the things kids ask :)

Housewife Eclectic said...

The comments come back! They usually vanish for a few days and then they are back!

Thanks for the follow! I am returning it now. Come over and add your blog to the Housewife Eclectic Blogshare Community, to find new blogs and get new readers!


{Not Quite} Susie said...

Magnetic paint? That's genius! When my son's a little older we're going to paint part of his room in chalk paint. :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

FANTASTIC! And not just because I am a Seinfeld addict :-)

You know from the same season when they say, "Helll-ooo" all of the time? We do that constantly!

Sarah said...

Okay, okay... you got me on the title :) I bet you were glad you could defer to your husband on that innocent little question!!

And I'm not a big fan of "hubby" either -- schmoopie does sound better!


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