Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New From of Discipline

Have YOU seen THESE?

These things are called Silly Bands.  They are little plastic bracelets in various shapes; zoo animals, rock band, dinosaurs, etc.  Lots of different shapes and lots of different colors, so attractive to little eyes.  Not very attractive to mommy's eyes.  At $5.99 for 24 for of them, they get not much more than an eye roll from me. 

BUT, the boys are fascinated with them and I am using it to my advantage.  Notice how my son poses when I tell him I want to take a picture of the bands.  Are those the CUTEST guns you've ever seen? 
 So here we are at dinner, with the new bands and after a very busy day of packing, the boys are acting up just a bit.  I'm tired! I'm tired of packing and I'm tired of asking the boys to stop goofing off and nagging them.  

Then it hits me.  I tell them that every time I have to nag re-ask them to do something, I will take one of their new bands.  Instant silence. 

I think I've got 'em.

I tell them they can earn them back by being good, but that this is how it's going to work for now.  The older one says "This is not a good plan". 

So far, after approximately 2 1/2 hours of being in effect, 1 band has been lost and re-earned.  In fact, just a minute ago, I reminded them it was time to go to bed after letting them talk for awhile.  They, of course continued to giggle.  I told them they would both lose a band if they continued and instantly,

Well, let me tell you that I am one happy mommy today, maybe even tomorrow.  We will have to see how long this one works.  


42 things said...

BWAHAHAHA! creative thinking mommy!

and those guns are super cute.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Lol- creative parenting. some days bribes are good as well. Some days mommy just locks herself in her room :)

JessRaquel said...

Look at those guns! Stopping by from Mingle Monday, have a wonderful day!

{Amanda} said...

Stopping by from Life of Meg's Mingle Monday! What a CUTE post! My husband's mom used to give him & his brother each a roll of quarters at the beginning of road trips. Every time they were bad, she would take a quarter. Once they reached their destination, they could use their remaining quarters to play video games, etc. Brilliant! I like your idea too! Very nice :)

* http://donandamanda.blogspot.com *

Stephanie said...

LOL! Brilliant. my daughter LOVES silly Bandz.


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