Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's a Colorful Life Challenge- Brown

This week's color is BROWN.  I don't remember when I took this photo of a tree (or why) but it sure came in handy this week. :)

Every week (or so), I will present a new color in my blog and it will be your job to contribute a photo of that color.  I will collect all the photos and put them together in a collage.  And at the end of the summer, we will have a very colorful piece of art! At the end of the challenge,

 I will also pick 1 participant to win a print of the art piece, mounted on 1 inch thick wood frame.

This challenge is hosted by Creative Flair.  Be sure to follow to get the update as we go through the colors this summer.

Photo by Hubby

Frauke Avent    


Just added this one.  Sunlight coming through the window produced a great shadow of wine legs.    

Bob McGinley    



Lucy said...

What a cool idea. You are so very creative!


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