Thursday, January 20, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Party Time

My 6 11/12 year old (his term, not mine) is soon to be 7 in a couple of weeks and now it's 
Mommy Freak Out Time!
 I know I don't have to go all crazy with decorated cakes/ cookies, matching partyware and such.... but really.  That's me.  I like to do it, I just know wish I had done it starting last month like I wanted to.  But with the holidays, you know how it is...it's just gets plain crazy.  
So I have a few ideas

1) First: I traded a custom picture frame 

 for some of The Sweetest Thing's cookies

Not these cookies..I don't have them yet.  They are going to arrive fresh for his birthday.
He decided to go with the Star Wars theme (big surprise, right?)
Some little lightsaber cookies would be very cool.

2.  Yeah, that's all I have so far.  But it is one of my top priorities right now so I'll let you all know how the process is coming along.  

In the meantime, if you are in need of any cookies, you should visit The Sweetest Thing.
And you can see all the fun thing she's working on at her blog.
Maybe something sweet for your Valentine?


The Sweetest Thing said...

Thanks Yoli! That's awesome. :) I can't wait to get the frame! It will make a great valentines day gift for my hubby! :)


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