Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Art Opportunity

When the Art opportunity comes knocking...

well, I simply open the door and greet it with a big fat hug!

The opportunities have been great lately, things are going well.  I have been selling these custom shoes and they have been a blast to make.  These latest ones were for a customer who likes Widespread Panic. They were so much fun, I think I want a pair!

Also, I have a friend who is a realtor and she has commissioned me to do an Art Frame for her clients.
So every time she sells a house, they get one of these.

Let's pray she sells LOTS of houses this year!

Lastly, a few weeks ago I was reading a Somerset magazine and they had a call for artists.  One of the themes is classic books.  One of my favorite of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird.  I haven't read it in awhile but I knew it would bring lots of inspiration.  So that's it, that has encompassed my January. Rereading AND artwork among motherhood and wifehood.  But, it has been worth the exploration.  On my list of 40 before 40 is publication.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  I'll share the finished product in a post soon, I still have a few final touches.


Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

the shoes are amazing! love the idea of giving a frame to the new home owner, what a nice opportunity and new art challenges are always fun! Can't wait to see what you create for To Kill a Mockingbird.


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