Friday, May 21, 2010

Slip 'n' Slide

Ohhhh, the slip 'n slide...

I bought this contraption a couple of days ago.  The boys had so much fun, in fact, so much that the elder who played for about 2 hours was sore for a few days from lifting himself up off the ground.  And this kid is in good shape! He is known to "Drop and gimmie 10 " without being told.

Is this not the greatest invention ever??? The weather here is in the 90's and I was very tempted to join them.  And now writing this, I think "why not"?? What makes you as an adult think that the slip n'slide is now off limits? Wouldn't they love for mommy to race them down the track?

Tomorrow, I think I'll join them.


42 things said...

YAY! that's the best looking slip 'n' slide I've ever seen!


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