Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hairbows Galore

I finally have decided to write a post on a guest artisan and have found the perfect gal to write the first one.  This gal makes the CUTEST hair accessories! Not to mention they would look fabulous on the hair bow holders that I make.  If you have a little girl, niece or little munchkin friend, you simply must check out this Etsy shop.  

These are Dana's products from her Livie Lu Boutique.  I asked Dana a few questions to get to know a little bit about her. Be sure to take a peek at her shop and become a fan of her Facebook page. 

How did you get started making hair accessories?
My little girl Olivia was born in 07, and being the 'girly girl' that I am, I wanted to accessorize her from the start!  I began buying bows, clips and headbands and after checking them out, realized that I could probably make them myself.  So after much trial and error and reading a few tutorials, I got better and better.  By trade I'm a dental hygienist and feel that my attention to detail helps me make a nice, even and pretty bow!  I also love putting different colors, textures and styles together.  Now I'm really enjoying finding new items and branching out to making headbands and painting wall letters.

Why did you start selling on Etsy?
Etsy was recommended to me by a fellow crafter and I feel it's a simple way to have your own business and get your name out there.  I sell more of my items locally and through my facebook fan page, but I like maintaining my etsy page and supporting other artists.  Many of my supplies I purchase through other etsians.

What do you do in your spare time?  

I work part time as a dental hygienist, and have a 2 year old daughter, so that keeps me busy.  Most evenings I watch some tv or make my accessories.  My husband and I love to travel, especially to tropical locations that have great offshore and inshore fishing.  I also like taking walks with my family and my Boxer, Molly.



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