Monday, May 24, 2010

Children's Museum of Phoenix

The other day I decided to take my boys to the Children's Museum here in Phoenix.  They just opened up their new climber and the boys have been waiting months to climb on this thing. Well, let me tell you, it is quite the contraption.  Multi levels of climbing tubes, hanging sculptures and even a bathtub with angel wings suspended in mid air. 

This exhibit is sure to be on their list of favorites.  The others include the Noodle Forest, PVC racecars, and these tubes that are filled with forced air and spit out silk scarves.

It is PURE craziness in this place.  A wonderful learning experience filled with an array of noises, textures and visual overdrive.  A place where children carry around large styrofoam ice cream cones and pretend to eat them.  And where stuffed tarantulas ride a conveyor belt only to be flung halfway across the room by a rotating fan.  By the way, you can only discover this spectacle if you go through the Noodle Forest, which houses the best over-sized leather chair to watch people duck tarantulas and play in the noodles.  The noodles make the best environment for Hide n' Seek.  

If you live in the area or ever visit, be sure to put this on your list.It is sure to be a hit with kids of ALL ages.


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