Thursday, May 20, 2010

Common Courtesy

Is it just me, or have more people lost the ability to simply be courteous to others.

  First, let me set the mood.  Mornings are MY time to get things done.  The kids are in school and my time is very limited.  I appreciate when I do have a chance to peruse over book and/or magazines.  So today, I have that opportunity and I have a very specific book in mind.  My latest interest in mixed media has sparked this outing and I am determined to find something.  Enter the oblivious nitwit.

As I enter the craft section, I marvel at the empty aisle and smile knowing I am free to browse as I choose.  Then the nitwit walks over behind me, re-shelves a few books, goes to get more books and re-shelves those right next to me.  Understandable.  Then, she comes over at my hip level, right in front of me, and puts 2 books on the shelf.  No excuse me. No I'm sorry.  I think, "O.K"  Then, she continues, not re-shelving, simply pushing books around, "straightening them" and now I think, " Really?  Is that truly necessary?

How does a person think that this is ok behavior.  This area couldn't possibly be straightened later.  What about the area about 3 feet to my right.  That area didn't need tending to?  It made me wonder what other values this poor women is missing.  Courtesy is one value I will be sure to teach my boys.


42 things said...

AH HA! this was the button I pushed before but it never worked! YAY!

btw, what a nitwit.


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