Friday, September 10, 2010

Double Olives

You may have seen this title before.  It was a Wordless Wednesday photo that I took of my husband's martini glass, frosted with olives.   Right before he poured the martini.  Remember, because you read all my posts, RIGHT?

Here it is, just in case you missed it.

Well, it got me all excited again, so I thought I would paint it.  I had a lot of fun doing it and added glass gel beads to illuminate the glass.  Also I added a touch of iridescent green to the olives.  Pretty cool in the right light, and not to over whelming.  

I really like it.  I am going to put it in an art show I have coming up this Wedensday.

What do you think?



K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I love it! You have talent.

Lacey said...

Hi from Mingle Monday! I love this painting!! :)


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