Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ursa Jig (The Dancing Bear)

O, my little bear, shaking her groove thing.
I once saw a bear standing like this, it is not a common event.  In fact, it was under an unfortunate circumstance.  While we were living in Lake Tahoe, we had a bit of a bear problem.  She tore apart side vents, scratched at wood doors and even found her way into the house. During this one particular episode, I wanted to scare her away from the house, so I took our BB gun and shot her in the rump.  That made her angry.  Before running away though, she stood up on her hind legs and I got this vision in my head to remember her.  Of course, I added the groove in her step, but a bear has LOTS of fur and when they stand that fur has to go somewhere.  Gravity takes over and you get a full round bum.

I want to do more of these bears.  Maybe a full line of them in various colors and scenery.  I did do one other version and entered into a wine tasting event poster contest. Whether it wins or not will         be up to the judges.

Ursa Jig- Prismacolor art pens on watercolor paper

Ursa with Wine- Gouache on watercolor paper



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