Friday, April 9, 2010

Ian's Army Rocket

Ian, my 6 year, drew this picture at school the other day.  Ian is not one to sit and color, or create pictures and will sometimes complain about art lessons.   He consistently comes home with schoolwork that he has barely colored.  NOT, something an artist mom likes to deal with.  However, every once in a great while, he sits for a period of time and creates something really cool.  In fact, when he brought this home, I thought it was accidentally stuck in his folder from some other kid that made the drawing.

I thought I'd share this piece because it was an interesting picture depicting an "army rocket", as he called it, taking off.  He wanted to show action so he drew a little piece above the rocket.  Very clever.  I asked him why he chose to have it raining and he simply said, "it was a gloomy day".  Yet the sun is coming out in the corner, shining it's rays.

I am a happy mom to display one of his art pieces.  Where the inspiration came from I may never know.  It could be that he has a cousin in the army in Afghanistan, it could be that he was in the pretend rocketship at school.  It could be just a boy's imagination.


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