Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy the Meanie

That's my new given title from Thing 1 & Thing 2.

Forget that I take them to see a movie.  Forget that I habitually let them have Popsicles in the middle of the day. Forget that I take them to Museums of their choice, play Lego's with them or increase their Pez collection whenever I see one they don't have.

Forget that I feed them, dress them and cuddle them.
Yep forget it all, I am Mommy the Meanie.

I have earned this title because after asking nicely (which of course they don't hear), I TELL them to go clean their room, clean the toilet, put their clothes away, clean up their toys and 

Not all at the same time, I spread it out. 

It's come down to Thing 1 not wanting someone to tell him what to do.  And of course, Thing 2 follows.  

We've got loss of privileges going on over here.  
Why can't they just do things when they are asked instead of when they're told?

I over this meanie stuff...when do I become Mommy the Magnificent?


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

My title is Mommy - The Crusher of Fun.


K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

You get to be mommy the magnificent when your kids have kids. Seriously. They don't appreciate you enough til then. I am mommy the nag. Sometimes I am just the nag. Sometimes I am lady.

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