Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh no, It's Christmas Card Season!

It's that time of year where I gather all my pictures together in hopes of creating a good Christmas card.  

Oh no.

I have to admit, it's not my most favorite thing to do.  But I do enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about what is new with family and friends.  

I have gone back in forth in conversations about the need for Christmas cards in today's social networking scene.  You know the one, where a friend tries to convince you that you see enough of people on Facebook so you don't need to see them again in Christmas outfits.  But the truth is, it's TRADITION.  And traditions are nice.  Time- consuming, but nice.

And not all my friends and family are connected via e-mail and social networks.  There are those few that still work the snail mail.  And I like that. 

I like knowing that someone or family sat down and took the time to send a little note.  Is that really so bad once a year.  
Crazy as I am, I still like the written thank you card too.  

So here to save the day is Shutterfly.  I have been ordering from Shutterfly for the last 3 years.  They have a great selection of any kind of card or photo gift you can imagine.  

Here is one I am thinking about.  I like having multiple pictures because my boys don't sit still long enough for one good picture.

Or maybe this adorable one. I really like this one.

Sometimes I get a little crazy and write a half page letter update on how the fam is doing.  This card would be perfect for that.  

I like the folded card idea too, in case I have Thing 1 & 2 write something.

But, I am kinda liking this cute card too.  I LOVE these colorful trees.  
You know me and color.

Well, many decisions to make.  I would like to say I have a long time to do these but we have a trip to Chicago at the beginning of the month and what better time to finish them then on the plane.

And of course, I will be ordering the gifts too.  
I make the grandparents calendars every year.

and I might even have to add these cute coffee mugs.

So go on over and take a peek.

Here are the links to make it easy.

So, which designs do you like and are you on board with the holiday cards or will a 
holiday e-mail do this year?



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